The Sureway Advantage

    We have something different to offer that sets us apart in five main areas:

    1.    We observe the plumbing code of Alberta.
    2.    We do detailed installations.
    3.    We have excellent quality control and innovative designs.
    4.    We offer a unique Scheduled Maintenance Program.
    5.    We promote environmental benefits.

    This applies to the running of drain lines for softeners, filters and reverse osmosis units.

    The code requires an AIR GAP between the end of a drain line and a floor drain.  It is also illegal to run a drain into a vent stack  or a clean-out.

      illegal reverse osmosis drain    
    replacement unit    
    legal drain

    CROSS CONNECTIONS as they are known in the plumbing code allow potable water systems to be exposed to harmful bacteria and sewer gas.  While you can smell raw sewage, methane gas is colorless and odorless and very dangerous.

    That is why you have traps throughout the home under every sink and in the drainage system.  Additionally we have dealt with  situations where bacteria have grown backwards through a water softener drain line and into the potable water supply.

    The accompanying photos show some common violations of the code and how we fix them.  It is acceptable to run drain lines to a standpipe that is already available, such as those for a washing machine.  In most cases we build a standpipe that exceeds  code by a large margin.

    illegal softener drain
      legal softener drain
    illegal iron filter drain
    legal iron filter drain


    (close up of above drain)


    illegal softener drain disabled the sewer backup valve , note the pinched line


      legal drain to stand pipe




    As mentioned in other sections, we take the time to do it right.

    Reverse Osmosis with booster pump and ultraviolet sterolizer to prevent bacterial contamination.

      Reverse Osmosis Installations:

      • innovative design using manifolds
      • a dedicated line to multiple devices as follows

    e.g. furnace humidifier:  
      e.g.  bar sink          
      e.g. kitchen faucet
      e.g.  ensuite faucet  
      e.g. brushed nickel faucet
  •     each line with its own shut-off valve clearly labeled
    twin storage tanks, if more capacity is needed.
    • under-the-sink reverse osmosis option.

  •      a ball valve supply instead of leak prone needle valves.

    problematic needle valve    
        high quality ball valve

      • a booster pump with optional 3 gpm ultraviolet sterilizer 

We have a detailed approach to manufacturing.  Our use of generic tanks with an industry standard thread size allows us to upgrade in the future as new control valves become available.

Based on almost 30 years experience, we have avoided many service headaches by replacing standard pre-packaged parts with commercial components that we’ve adapted and assembled ourselves.  Our approach offers the following advantages:

A. Testing the well pump ahead of time results in correct sizing of the pressure tank and iron filter.

failed iron filter system          
proper iron filter system

B. Use of a pre-filter: protects the control valve from well sand

  flimsy pre-filter, no shut off valves
properly mounted filter    

C. Mechanical metered control valves:
On all iron filters we use only Hi-Capacity, commercial metered valves with 19 gpm flow rate and superior backwash flow properties.  Using mechanical rather that computerized controls avoids costly repairs down the road.

D. Platforms in water softener brine tanks:   prevent clogging of the brine intake.

    Brine Platform Platform with brine well    Brine Tank - top view

E. Commercial brine safety floats:  are more reliable than standard residential products.

    For example:  they prevent overflow if the control valve was in the brine refill position during a power failure.

    We keep track of the schedule.  How important is regular sanitizing?  See the photo of “bacterial” growth on the top seal  of a neglected reverse osmosis filter.

    This happened to a residential client  who delayed service for 13 months.  We won’t let a “bacteria farm” develop in your equipment.

Food for thought; can you imagine:

    • The positive impact on ground water and septic systems, if tens of thousands of well water users cut their use of soaps, shampoos, and cleaning products by 80% by using a water softener?

    • The positive impact on landfills? By using soft water there is a corresonding reduction in plastic containers by 80%?

    • The reduction of water usage by efficient design of our reverse osmosis systems with a booster pump?

    • The reduction of water and chemical consumption in iron filters by using an efficient mechanical meter?

    • The reduced plastics if bottled water users (the small containers) took reverse osmosis water from home in a safe portable stainless steel container?

    • The reduction in natural gas consumption if every home and business cut their hot water heating costs by 33% with a water softener?

    • The savings to the Health Care System if people quit bathing in and ingesting chemicals in our water such as pesticides?

    If you are concerned about the environment:  go green; go Sureway.

"You only get one chance to do it right the first time."


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