City Water:

 Typical City Water Installation

(more than a de-chlorinator)


  • Single fibreglass tank containing GAC (granulated activated carbon).
  • We use Calgon GAC with an underbed of gravel.
  • Automatic backwashing filter control valve prevents build up of bacteria and sediment in the filter and avoids compaction of media.
  • Optional commercial control for large and/or two- storied homes.


  • Elimination of chlorine, chlorine byproducts (THMs).
  • Elimination of pesticides, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other organic contaminants found in river water.
  • Astounding improvements to hair, skin especially persons with eczema and psoriasis.
  • Substantial savings by eliminating damage to rubber seals in faucets, dishwashers, reverse osmosis units, water softeners and grey plastic pipe (PolyB, Polybutylene).
    Did you know?                                                                                                                  
    In a 10 minute shower the body absorbs or inhales chlorine equivalent to drinking eight glasses of 
    untreated tap water.


  • Unit consists of two tanks: a slim vertical tank containing Dowex resin and a brine tank for the regenerant (see photos).
  • Has a fully automatic control valve which meters household use for demand regeneration resulting in excellent efficiency and cost control.
  • Ion exchange resin eliminates minerals and regenerates periodically with inexpensive softener salt.


  • Reduces the use of soaps, shampoos, and cleaners by 80% or more.
  • Reduces skin problems; does not strip off natural body oils.
  • Extends fabric life 33%.
  • Extends the life of plumbing fixtures, dishwashers, hot water tanks especially the new tankless models.
  • Reduces natural gas hot water heating costs up to 35%.
  • Typically saves a household $25.00/month per person.


  • Four stage drinking water system consisting of two pre-filters, a membrane, storage tank, and post- filter.
  • High production TFC membrane ( up to 3 gal. per hour) removes 98% of metals such as mercury, lead, sodium and aluminum.
  • The filters remove sediment, chlorine, pesticides and organic contaminants (see details in Whole House unit).


  • Unlimited supply of healthy drinking water.
  • Huge savings over bottled water (SEE CHART BELOW).
  • Healthy air in your home with hook up to furnace humidifiers.
  • Convenience: connect to additional faucets e.g. bar sink, ensuite, fridge dispenser and ice-maker, or a bottleless cooler if desired.
  • Great for washing fruit and vegetables, steam irons, house plants, hobbies.
  • Coffee makers and kettles last “forever”.
  • No worries about leaching from plastic bottles

    Comparison between bottled water and reverse osmosis 
    Cost comparison based on a deliveed cost of $9.50 per bottle

    Bottles per week
    Cost per week
    Yearly cost
    5 Year cost

    Reverse Osmosis:                   
    (Based on production costs for 75 gal/day 4 stage system)

    Bottles per week
    Cost per week
    Yearly cost
    5 Year cost
    unlimited supply

    Our Scheduled Maintenance Program is truly unique in the industry because we keep track and we call you to  perform the following detailed service, normally semi-annually.

  • Test product water of Reverse Osmosis unit.
  • Test and check other equipment e.g. softener and whole house carbon filter.
  • Re-pressurize storage tanks.
  • Sanitize tank, sumps, faucet lines.
  • Install new filters, rinsing a food grade sanitizer through them also.


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