About Sureway:
Career Background: Roger Calvert
  • 1983: Took training through Erie Manufacturing in Calgary and started a business in a small town outside of Calgary specializing in well water applications.
  • 1984: Became a dealer for WSH Laboratories Ltd in Calgary, receiving specialized training from chemist Bill Wong and his equipment design staff for the next ten years before moving to Edmonton in 1994.
  • Worked closely with the Alberta Government Groundwater Protection Branch in addressing bacterial and chemical contamination in well water.
  • Contracted as a consultant in the Edmonton area from 1994 until founding Sureway Water Systems in June of 1999.

As a Manufacturer of high quality products:

  • We build to our own specifications right in Edmonton.
  • We use mostly components made in Canada and the U.S.
  • We are an authorized dealer for Hydrotech in Calgary, AB.
  • We feature commercial components where possible that are of higher quality than most pre-packaged residential models; CSA approved controls.

Installation and Service:

  • All installations follow the plumbing and electrical codes (see photos).
  • We are known for our outstanding attention to detail and innovative design.
  • Our Scheduled Maintenance Program has resulted in amazing longevity of equipment and components

About Our Website:

Equipment applications are found in these three headings:

  • City Water
  • Well Water
  • Commercial

Each of these sections has a 3 part sub-menu consisting of:

F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions)

Our goal is to educate consumers:

  • to ask the right questions when considering a purchase
  • to always be concerned about safety
  • to understand that quality is a reflection of people who care

Regarding chemicals and your health:

  • We include personal observations by our clients.
  • We do not use “scare tactics”. You will read factual information specifying which chemicals our equipment will remove.
  • Because of all the conflicting opinions on health issues, we encourage you to do your own research on the links between disease, illness and toxic chemicals. 

The Sureway Advantage

We have included many photos of actual installations. You will benefit by seeing ‘real’ pictures rather than ‘staged’ studio pictures. 

This section explains clearly how Sureway has achieved excellence in design, manufacturing, installation, and service.

Customer Feedback

We share candid comments in each main section which reflect:

  • the pride we take in our product, service and installations
  • the frank observations of our clients regarding the economic and health benefits of our systems  


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