Typical Commercial Installation with a counter top cooler

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Similar installation with a floor model bottleless cooler

  • Floor model bottleless cooler with stainless steel reservoir, cook and cold taps or optional hot and cold.  Dual mechanical float system for safety.
  • Countertop model with cold only tap.
  • Selection of finishes - stainless, black etc.
  • All products have an excellent warranty with most parts available locally.


  • four stage drinking water system consisting of two pre-filters, a membrane, storage tank, and post- filter.
  • high production TFC membrane (up to 3 gal. per hour) removes 98% of metals such as mercury, lead, sodium and aluminum.
  • the filters remove sediment,  chlorine, chlorine byproducts, pesticides, cosmetics, petrochemicals,  pharmaceuticals, and other organic contaminants found in river water.
  • optional additional storage tanks for high volume users along with booster pumps to increase rate of production.
  • optional ultraviolet sterilizers.


  • unlimited supply of healthy drinking water.
  • coffee makers, kettles and ice makers last for years.
  • no worries about leaching of toxic chemicals from plastic bottles.
  • staff no longer have to lift heavy bottles.
  • frees up storage space.
  • No cooler rental fees. $10/mo = $120/yr.
  • No Bottled water: usual cost $9.50 or more.

    Comparison between bottled water and reverse osmosis

  • Bottles per week
    Cost per week
    Yearly cost
    5 Year cost

    Reverse Osmosis:                   
    (Based on production costs for 75 gal/day 4 stage system)

    Bottles per week
    Cost per week
    Yearly cost
    5 Year cost
    unlimited supply

    Hook-up to bottleless coolers, fridge dispensers, ice makers, multiple faucets and coffee makers.

  • optional 1 or 3 gallon per minute flow rate.
  • integral  U.V. unit in some cooler models.


    Where installation of reverse osmosis systems is impractical, there are filtration units available using single sump or two sump housings.  There are a wide variety of commercial filter cartridges available for custom applications.

    Semi-Annual Scheduled Maintenance Program:
  • no service contracts or long term lease to worry about.
  • no monthly billing; just two invoices per year.
  • we keep track for you and come out every six months.

    Each service call includes the following:
  • test product water; visual inspection of filters.
  • sanitize the reverse osmosis unit with a food grade product.
  • re-pressurize storage tanks.
  • replace the reverse osmosis filters (3).
  • sanitize the cooler reservoir and faucets.
  • clean the cooler cabinet.
  • replace the cooler air filter.

  • reverse osmosis system is pressure tested for at least 12 hours prior to installation.
  • drain hook- up according to the plumbing code.
  • high quality installation materials; food grade polyethylene tubing.
  • leak resistant ball valve supply.
  • innovative designs: e.g. manifold with dedicated lines to multiple locations.


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