Well Water Systems Customer Feedback:

    Well Water Client, Edmonton
    Allison Pawliuk, Client since 2003

    System Used: Pre-filter, Iron Filter, Water Softener, Reverse Osmosis with Booster Pump.

    "I have the iron filter/water softener/reverse osmosis system. Before getting the system my laundry would
    come out stained yellow or black and trying to get the bathtub and toilets clean from the iron stains was
    impossible.I was ready to move back to the city when my sister told me about Sureway Water Systems. The
    system worked and is still working terrific after 10 trouble free years. No more laundry, tub or toilet stains.
    Having pure drinking water right at the sink is awesome too."

    Allison Pawliuk       


    Well Water Client, Edmonton
    Sally Turner, Client since 2002

    System Used: Pressure Tank, Pre-filter, Iron Filter, Water Softener, Reverse Osmosis with Booster Pump.

    "I have been a loyal customer with Sureway Water Systems since 2002. My husband and I moved to an
    acreage in 2002 with water pressure and iron and sulphur problems. Roger came in and we were very
    impressed with his knowledge of water issues. He was very thorough with his quote and when it comes to
    installation no one is more meticulous. We had an iron filter, water softener, reverse osmosis water filtration
    and new pressure pump installed. Since installation, Roger has provided us with regular maintenance
    service, and we have had no issues since installation. I would definitely recommend using Sureway for your
    water system needs."

    Sally Turner


    Well Water Client, Fort St. John, BC
    Daryl Stark, Client since 2002

    System Used: Pre-filter, Commercial Iron Filter, Commercial Water Softener, Reverse Osmosis with Booster Pump.

    August 29, 2003        

    "Dear Roger,

    It has been approximately a year now since you installed our complete water system.  People so often have a lot of
    time to complain about a company's service, but never seem to take the time to thank someone for good services and
    a job well done.  Our water system is working great and your service is second to none.  I know it was hard on both of
    us with the faulty part that split and caused the water damage.  As you have demonstrated, the important part of
    being successful in business is not how well you do in the good times, but how well you do in the bad times.  So as I
    have said before, don't blame yourself for something you had no control over.  As you know I have been in the
    construction industry for many years in the Fort St. John area, and we will definitely refer any new potential clients to
    your company.  All the best in the future."


    Daryl Stark

    January 26, 2012

    "Hi Roger,

    Every time I order more supplies I'm very grateful that I chose your company for my water system.  Under your
    mentorship I've been able to do all my own maintenance.  When I'm servicing the equipment with you on the other end
    of the phone it's like having you standing beside me because you know your product so well.

    It's been almost ten years now since we put our system in and I just wanted to take time to say Thank You once again
    for the great service over the years.  It's pretty amazing that in all the time I've never had to get you to make a
    trip up here.  See you in Edmonton next week when I pick up supplies."

    Daryl Stark


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