Well Water Systems:

Typical Well Water Installation

    Products most commonly used:

  • pre-filter
  • iron filter
  • water softener
  • reverse osmosis with booster pump

    Commercial grade clear cartridge housing with a pressure relief valve,  heavy duty mounting bracket and filter wrench.  
    The most common cartridge is a 25 micron string wound commercial grade product with graduated filtration.
  • installed with an isolating ball valve on the inlet and outlet for ease of service
  • used to prevent well sand from corrupting the injectors, piston and seals in the iron filter or softener
  • frequency of change: typically 4 to 6 weeks
  • concept is similar to filters on a vehicle: air, oil, fuel

    Manganese Greensand Filter:  the fibreglass tank is similar to a water softener and contains greensand media with a gravel underbed.   A quality chemical tank sits beside the unit with the regenerant, potassium permanganate.

    Features of the SWS units:

  • a commercial Fleck control valve with 1" internals which is capable of supplying the high flow needed to effectively backwash manganese greensand which weighs 100 lbs. per cubic foot.
  • integral bypass
  • mechanical metering for years of dependable service
  • service flow of up to 19 gal/ min. with adjustable cycles for regeneration
  • custom built to match the output of your well pump
  • will handle most situations with iron, manganese, and H2S gas


  • Unit consists of two tanks: a slim vertical tank containing Dowex resin and a brine tank for the regenerant (see photos)
  • Has a fully automatic control valve which meters household use for demand regeneration resulting in excellent efficiency and cost control
  • Ion exchange resin eliminates minerals and regenerates periodically with inexpensive softener salt.


  • Reduces the use of soaps, shampoos, and cleaners by 80% or more
  • Reduces skin problems; does not strip off natural body oils
  • Extends fabric life 33%
  • Extends the life of plumbing fixtures, dishwashers, hot water tanks especially the new tankless models
  • Reduces natural gas hot water heating costs up to 35%
  • Typically saves a household $25.00/month per person


  • Four stage drinking water system consisting of two pre-filters, a membrane, storage tank, and post- filter.
  • High production TFC membrane ( up to 3 gal./ hour) removes 98% of metals such as mercury, lead, sodium and aluminum
  • The filters remove sediment,  chlorine, pesticides and organic contaminants (see details under City Water, Whole House Carbon Filter)
  • Booster pump required for all Well Water applications.


  • Unlimited supply of healthy drinking water
  • Huge savings over bottled water (CHART)
  • Healthy air in your home with hook up to furnace humidifiers
  • Convenience: connect to additional faucets e.g. bar sink, ensuite, fridge dispenser and ice-maker, or a bottleless cooler if desired
  • Great for washing fruit and vegetables, steam irons, house plants, hobbies
  • Coffee makers and kettles last “forever”
  • No worries about leaching from plastic bottles
    Comparison between bottled water and reverse osmosis
    - Cost Comparison based on a delivery cost of $9.50 per bottle

    Bottles per week
    Cost per week
    Yearly cost
    5 Year cost

    Reverse Osmosis:  
    (Based on production costs for 75 gal/day 4 stage system)

    Bottles per week
    Cost per week
    Yearly cost
    5 Year cost
    unlimited supply

    Our Scheduled Maintenance Program is truly unique in the industry because we keep track and we call you to  perform the following detailed service, normally semi-annually.
  • Test product water of Reverse Osmosis unit
  • Test and check other equipment e.g. softener and iron filter
  • Re-pressurize storage tanks
  • Sanitize tank, sumps, faucet lines
  • Install new filters, rinsing a food grade sanitizer through them also


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