The Sureway Advantage

    We have something different to offer that sets us apart in five main areas:

    1.        We observe the plumbing code of Alberta
    2.        We do detailed installations,
    3.        We have excellent quality control and innovative designs
    4.        We offer a unique Scheduled Maintenance Program
    5.        We promote environmental benefits

    This applies mostly to the running of drain lines for reverse osmosis units.

    The code states that it is illegal to run a drain into a vent stack or past a sink p-trap which would allow methane (sewer) 
    gas into the reverse osmosis system.

Reverse Osmosis

    •    a ball valve supply instead of leak prone needle valves
    problematic needle valve
    high quality ball valve
    •  an optional booster pump for higher production rates or an optional ultraviolet sterilizer

A. Hotel Application: Central Reverse Osmosis System

Waterwall - main lobby
Reverse Osmosis System Waterwall filtration unit

Reverse Osmosis System also feeds Breakfast Room

all devices protected by undersink ultraviolet sterilizer to prevent bacterial contamination

bar sink drinking faucet
close up of UV





bottleless cooler, hot and cold taps
automatic coffee maker

B. Two storey office building

Second storey reverse osmosis system with extra large storage  tank and chiller

Manifold to supply four locations on two floors.

Three lines chilled, one unchilled supplying sink faucet and fridge

We not only custom manufacture Reverse Osmosis Systems to our own strict specifications.  All units are pressure tested 
for at least 12 hours before installation, thus minimizing the potential for costly water leaks.

    We keep track of the schedule.  How important is regular sanitizing?  See the photo of “bacterial” growth on the top seal  of a neglected reverse osmosis filter.

    This happened to a residential client  who delayed service for 13 months.  We won’t let a “bacteria farm” develop in your equipment.


Your own self-contained reverse osmosis system eliminates:

    • The need for large plastic bottles.

    • The need for fuel- guzzling bottled water delivery trucks.

    • Needless replacement of coffee makers and kettles that have failed because of using tap water.

    If you are concerned about the environment:  go green; go Sureway.

"You only get one chance to do it right the first time."


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