Commercial F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Q. Why does Sureway prefer to use semi-annual invoicing instead of service contracts?

1. A. Three factors:

• Service contracts generate more paperwork and require more labor to keep track of contract   items vs. add-on work requested by the client.

• The advantage for the customer is that with pay-as-you-go our clients are not locked into a  long-term contract with little control over regular maintenance.

• Simply put: if Sureway isn't doing the job you can terminate service without notice.  (See comments from Empire Drywall under Customer Feedback) Before dealing  with Sureway, some of our clients had to buy out a service agreement because it  was sold to a third party finance company. This was very costly, paying for service  never received.

2. Q. Why does Sureway not provide a leasing program?

2. A. Two reasons:

• Our equipment package is such a small ticket item compared to office equipment, for example, that it's easier to just pay it out upon installation. Leasing programs almost double the cost of regular purchase and this does not offset the tax benefits of a lease.

• They generate much additional paperwork, including credit checks and compliance with many rules and regulations. Our clients are not locked in and can change vendors at any time. With Sureway you are only billed twice a year after each service, rather than 12 invoices per year.